Baseball Gregg – Young (August 2019)

Baseball Gregg is a Pop duo from Stockton, California by way of Italy. Founders Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan met in 2013 in Bologna, the former a native of the city and the latter a student studying abroad. While they produce records together during summer, they tour as Baseball Gregg with their own live bands respectively Read more about Baseball Gregg – Young (August 2019)[…]

Jye – You On My Mind (July 2019)

Jye is the indie pop project of Jye Geltch from Brisbane, Australia. Our single this month, titled “You On My Mind”, is from his latest album titled “Piccadilly Perfume“. Listen below. Subscribe before July 15th to receive this vinyl postcard! Subscriptions are just $5.49/mo for U.S. subscribers and $6.15/mo elsewhere. You’ll get a new vinyl Read more about Jye – You On My Mind (July 2019)[…]

Michael Paradise – Gold (June 2019)

Michael Paradise is a new indie-pop artist from Toronto. The summer of 2018 saw the release of two lead singles that garnered attention from Press and Spotify, solidifying Michael as an indie artist in the Toronto music landscape to keep an eye on. Then in February of 2019, Paradise dropped “gold” and its official video Read more about Michael Paradise – Gold (June 2019)[…]

nudista – Masters of The Universe (May 2019)

Nudista started as a project by vocalist and guitarist Pilar Matji Cabello, who had written a few songs but wanted to develop them further with guitarist Robbie Carman. He added his introspective guitar style to the songs, and that’s how the project began. Nudista’s tonality is innocent and dreamy, with a bold and direct language Read more about nudista – Masters of The Universe (May 2019)[…]

Johnny Utah – Crazy For Your Love (April 2019)

This month, we’re featuring a track from Philadelphia lo-fi pop project, Johnny Utah. The track, titled Crazy For Your Love, is from his latest EP titled Big Dogs. It was just released digitally last year and on cassette via Z Tapes. Listen below and hear the rest of the release over at Bandcamp. Subscribe anytime Read more about Johnny Utah – Crazy For Your Love (April 2019)[…]

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