Brian In The Heartland – The Beast (POST-020)

Brian in the Heartland is the work of Brian Hall from Portland, Oregon. Our track this month is a single of his titled “The Beast” which was released earlier last year. Brian shared a music video accompanying the track a while back and had this to say of the single… This song is a commentary Read more about Brian In The Heartland – The Beast (POST-020)[…]

TEMPOREX – Georgie (December 2018)

TEMPOREX is the experimental pop project of Joseph Flores from San Diego, California. Our track this month is a new single of his titled “Georgie” which was released earlier this year following his 2017 debut LP titled “Care”. Listen below and hear more Temporex over at bandcamp. Subscribe anytime during December to receive this vinyl postcard! Read more about TEMPOREX – Georgie (December 2018)[…]

Toast – Scarlett (November 2018)

Toast is the indie-pop project of Claud Mintz. Currently based out of Los Angeles, California. Our track this month is a single from her debut self-titled EP. Listen to the full release over at bandcamp and keep up with the project over on Facebook & Instagram. Subscribe anytime during November to receive this vinyl postcard! Subscriptions are Read more about Toast – Scarlett (November 2018)[…]

Tyler Burkhart – Sad Airplane (October 2018)

Tyler Burkhart is a multi-instrumentalist living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. DIY in every sense, Tyler is self-taught in writing, recording, and releasing his music. He enjoys learning with a slow and curious approach, and continues to craft his sound. You can find his full catalog online Subscribe anytime during October to receive this vinyl postcard! Read more about Tyler Burkhart – Sad Airplane (October 2018)[…]

Husbands – No One’s Dreaming (September 2018)

Husbands is the once long-distance bedroom pop project between Danny Davis & Wil Norton, now based out of Oklahoma City. This month’s single, titled “No One’s Dreaming”, was originally recorded for a cassette release in collaboration with OBNEAC of Norman, Oklahoma just earlier this year.  Hear the track below and follow at: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud. Read more about Husbands – No One’s Dreaming (September 2018)[…]

Foliage – Value (August 2018)

San Bernardino, California is known for it’s high crime and poverty rate. Behind that lies a hidden gem, something ambitious, seeking to break out from all of that. Meet Manuel Joseph Walker, a 20-year old from the slums of a broken city, crafting indie-rock instant classics out of his bedroom. Walker paints his own world Read more about Foliage – Value (August 2018)[…]

The Dig – Million Dollar Man (July 2018)

New York City indie rock band the Dig were formed by David Baldwin (guitar, bass, vocals), Erick Eiser (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals) and Emile Mosseri (bass, guitar, vocals), all songwriters who had been playing in bands since they were preteens. Two of the members, Baldwin and Mosseri, share lead vocal duty. They released the psych-tinged Read more about The Dig – Million Dollar Man (July 2018)[…]

Ruru – When You’re Away (June 2018)

Ruru is a solo project of the Manila-based artist, Ru Quimbo. She began writing music in 2014, fueled by various influences of twee, alt, rnb, jazz, and bedroom pop. She writes with the witty lyricism of someone who was once 13; her verses are mangled scenes that seem to have been taken straight out of Read more about Ruru – When You’re Away (June 2018)[…]

Vansire – About The World (May 2018)

Vansire is a bedroom pop duo from Minnesota. It’s the work of Josh Augustin, Sam Winemiller and occasionally Isaac Winemiller. The band met in drumline during highschool and has been making music ever since. This track, titled “About The World”, was just released on their debut album titled “Angel Youth” and is now available on Read more about Vansire – About The World (May 2018)[…]

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