Gabriel Zelaya – You’re My Life (October 2019)

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Associated with raspy, yearning vocals amongst dreamy ambience immersed in psychedelia. American artist Gabriel Zelaya has slowly progressed from experimental beginnings to more traditional modes as his creative output took shape invoking the powerful feelings of euphoria & nostalgia. At the age of 16, he started creating and mastering computer music software until officially putting out his first project one year later, continuously releasing singles, growing himself a considerably large audience to move forward In. In his late teens, he started learning electric guitar, adding on to his vogue of mastering sounds for a hallucinogenic ride, keeping it all-round with multiple styles to excel in, becoming more superior with the amount of experience and equipment enhanced along the way.

Gabriel Zelaya was born Bradley Gabriel Zelaya in 2000, and grew up in Arlington, Virginia. He was raised in a Christian household and uploaded original tracks on SoundCloud as a teenager, but kept them secret from his parents while still attending high school. Bradley struggled getting into shows and gigs due to fear of his family learning about his business with music, however, his artsy and creative presence on social media helped him tremendously down the road as an independent artist to get to where he is now, eventually deciding it was time to blossom his craft at home without any worriment. Blissfully, he finally lives to do what he loves and cherishes most, pouring his heart into music.

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