Browning – Loop (November 2022)

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In Manhattan, in a tiny studio apartment on 50th-past an obstacle course of wires, keyboards, guitars, crumpled-up poems, and microphones with socks for covers-you will find a 21-year-old boy hunched over a Macbook opened to LogicProX. This boy is Mason Summerhill, the sole person behind the musical-project Browning. Summerhill is a wildly prolific creator, with expertise extending from painting to particle physics. He arrived in NYC from a small town in Texas just a year ago, in hopes of further expanding his mind and his music. Though Browning is not the extent of Summerhill's musical impulse, the project helps him funnel out just some of the melodies that crowd his mind. Browning has released three singles: "Wheat," "Field Dream," and "loop," but there are many more songs stored on Summerhill's Macbook, just awaiting their finishing touches for release. Browning will release his first full album before 2023.
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