Freeds – Fuzzy (October 2022)

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Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia and growing up in a Jewish household to a single mother, Freeds began writing songs in his youth, influenced by his love for rapping and storytelling. What's interesting about Freeds is the undertone of optimism that surrounds themes of depression, anxiety and self-doubt; it's a juxtaposition of introspective lyrics and a witty delivery that oozes charm. It's taken Freeds years of gradual evolution to get to where he is. His self proclaimed 'grandpa' swagger works its way into a bright, visual aesthetic with a clever and comical approach to storytelling. Packed with sticky melodies, distorted guitars and swirling synths, Freeds invites our imaginations to soar through the sky and melt into oblivion on his song Fuzzy. "When creating this song I wanted to paint a picture - something that felt a little obscure and almost like a psychedelic dream of flowers and sunshine". As Freeds trips into a world of fantasy, perhaps it's only temporary, or perhaps it's where he longs to be, though it seems there's an internal struggle to arrive there.
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