10 Vinyl Postcard Bundle (Random: POST-001 thru POST-024)



A bundle of 10 postcards chosen randomly from our first 2 years of releases at almost half the price! ($3 ea.) Each card will be different than the rest. If a card is sold out as a single listing, it won’t be included in this batch

The releases:
POST-001: Magdalena Bay – Neon
POST-002: Zach Schimpf – Past Lives on The Range
POST-003: Bare Mace – Fen
POST-004: Kero Kero Bonito – Fish Bowl
POST-005: Mutual Benefit – Desert Island Feeling
POST-006: Strongboy – Vacation
POST-007: The Tao of Con – Yr Memory
POST-008: The Octopus Project – Small Hundred
POST-009: Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. 1)
POST-010: Fog Lake – Push
POST-011: SALES – Be My Baby
POST-012: Vansire – About The World

POST-013 – POST-024 to be added to the list soon.


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