Ed Mount – Distant Calls (feat. Flore Benguigui) [April 2022]

Ed Mount, the alias of Thibault Chevaillier, was born 5 years ago. As a child of the 90's, he used his Playstation Controller (the music game) and his guitar on which he tried to cover Beck and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This self-taught jazzman had a late teenage crisis as he explored with Ed Mount the coolness that he had not been able to express in the first part of his musical career. From his past as a jazzman, he has kept an assiduous practice of the instrument and the search for surprising harmony, but with Ed Mount the playground is now classic pop (Paul Simon, McCartney, Prince) and Californian influences (Michael Franks, Steely Dan) mixed with the modernity and the minimalism of formations like Crumb, Mild High Club and Benny Sings. When he is not composing in his home studio, we can cross his magic touch with Malik Djoudi, Halo Maud and Ricky Hollywood. A musical family that perpetuates the lineage of demanding French pop. After his first LP in April of 2019, Left My Heart, which included tracks from his debut and some unreleased material, Ed Mount returns with Close To My Heart, a second format whose tracks sound like late 70's American FM standards - with a touch of French elegance to boot. On this new album, Ed Mount shares a song with Flore of l'Imperatrice on Distant Calls and with Belgian, David Numwami, on a track in French that announces the continuation of the project.
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