Atmos Bloom - Sea Legs
Alan Kite - Camera (feat. Haley Paige)
Intac - Uh Huh
Dorio - Color Bag
JW Francis - Orbit
Chinless Wonder - Happiness
Juke the Tiger - What's the Word, Early Bird?
okaywill - Tomorrow
Rubber Band Gun - I've Had Enough
FIG - Cooking For One
Niall Summerton - Dusty
deepaak - River
Andrew Kamen - Pretender
Booter - Know Completely
Sexy Pigeon - Never Felt This Before
Browning - Loop
Freeds - Fuzzy
Pity Party (Girls Club) - Doja Cat
Maxime. - Rubber Checks
Glitter Party - endlessly
Leopard Tuesday - Finley
Dog Walk - So Much More
Ed Mount - Distant Calls (feat. Flore Benguigui)
Indigo - Doho
French Cassettes - Good For It
The After Hours - Back Here Again
Glad Sisifus - Uneven Strolls
Oberhofer - What Does It Mean To Me?
Dirty Nice - Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya)
OZWALD - young suburban minds
Trunky Juno - Daddy's Gone For Cigarettes
Audio Book Club - Boots
Rothrigo - Train Tracks
Legwurk - Dusty
Sweet and Lonely - Best Years
chemical club - double down (ft. fanclubwallet)
Josh Fudge - Second Date
Pops Tuna - Say What You Think