Maxime. – Rubber Checks (August 2022)

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maxime. is a self-released, -written, -produced and -engineered artist who makes "anti pop" in his room in Montreal, Canada. His catalog counts 30M+ streams.

maxime.'s debut, whatevernowiscalled, was issued in December, 2019, introducing his now-distinct sound: inventive production; colourful and quirky sonics; playful lyrics.

rubber checks is the lead single of his upcoming EP of the same name.

Of "rubber checks" the single, maxime. says, "The idea for rubber checks came to me when I was listening to a podcast and heard the term for the first time. I thought it was a cool lil phrase for bad checks that bounce. Since I've just recently decided to do the music thing full time and moved to a new city, money has been a little tight, and I've been paying rent by cheque. The rest of the song is more or less a patchwork journal entry reflecting the time in my life I wrote it. I talk about being in a new city where you don't know anyone and touch on relationships etc. I really wanted to capture a happy go lucky feeling with the song."

Of the EP overall, maxime. explains, "I'm super proud of this project. Sonically I feel it's the most consistent piece of work I've ever put out. Every song has its own unique feeling and motifs I love and I try some new things I haven't before while still staying true to what I feel is my sound. Lyrically I'm quite happy with this piece of work as well. While still being more or less a diary of my life at the time of writing the songs, I've decided to be a bit more explicit with the lyrics this time instead of writing vaguely. I mention particular places and people and situations and I feel that honesty is something pretty neat!"

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