SALES – Be My Baby (April 2018)

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An indie pop duo from Orlando, Florida, Sales create low-key but engaging music that marries a lo-fi sensibility to a spare but evocative melodic approach. They comprise of Lauren Morgan, who sings lead and plays guitar, and Jordan Shih, who plays guitar and programs their drum machines and other electronics. Adopting the handle Sales (Morgan's parents were both successful sales representatives), they released their debut track, "Renee," as a digital single. Later in 2013, Sales reissued "Renee" on a vinyl 7" single, with "Tonka Time" on the flip side. In 2014, Sales dropped two more digital singles, "Chinese New Year" and "Vow," as well as a six-song package titled Sales EP (available on CD, vinyl, and cassette as well as digitally) that collected most of their music up to that time. Positive press and word of mouth helped Sales win a loyal following in their hometown, and the duo started touring outside the Sunshine State, with Joy Cyr helping them fill out their sound at live gigs. In April 2016, Sales delivered their first full-length album, Sales LP, which included 15 songs as well as original artwork from collage artist Alana Questell.

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