Vinyl Postcards delivered to your mailbox every month

What's Vinyl Post?

We're a subscription service that sends single tracks to you on limited edition 5" x 7" postcards, which are playable on your turntable, every month! Each postcard will also feature a message from that month's artist and a digital download.

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Curated by

If you’re a fan of the playlists we assure you’ll enjoy our selections for each postcard! If you haven’t heard of us… expect indie rock/pop, alternative, shoegaze, chillwave, etc.

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The Music

Every month you’ll receive a playable full-color postcard featuring a song of the month! Grooves are stamped in the glossy finish which will allow you to play the track on your turntable.

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The Artwork

Each month, we’ll be working closely with different graphic designers to pair each song of the month with equally awesome album art! On the reverse side, you’ll receive a message from that month’s featured artist.



Every subscriber is also sent a free digital download. These postcards are typically a bit more lofi than your typical vinyl record so we think it’s equally important that you receive a high quality 320 kbps Mp3 each month as well!

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Includes 1 Vinyl Postcard & Digital Download each month!

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